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1oz (28grams) package; handblended custom spices by Charleston Spice Company


1. Everyday Seasoning- marjoram & basil. Created to share the love for Chef Mari's dog... Basil. 


2. Classic rotisserie rub- tumeric, garlic onion, sea salt, tellicherry pepper, lemon peel, oregano, marjoram, & basil... Perfect for vegetables too!


3. Hot rotisserie rub- paprika, garlic, onion, sea salt, chipotle flakes, tellicherry pepper, lime peel, cayenne, birdseye cayenne, anaheim pepper, & marjoram (of course) ... This spice blend has the perfect balance of heat with a light lime twist. 


Specify which spice packet you would like... or collect all three!

Hand Blended Spices

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